Heath Ledger got a fantastic farewell from this world, when he was buried and later cremated in his hometown of Perth.First gathered friends and family in the auditorium at Penrhos College, where one compares remembered Heath Ledger's career and his great warmth, with speeches and music.

Among the speakers was Heath Ledger's sister Kate and one guest told the newspaper The Age, she said: "Kate spoke of the unique ties that she had for her brother. He rang often three or four times a day and he never forgot his old friends, even when his fame was at its highest." 

And Cate Blanchett reminded his compatriot, friend and colleague: "He achieved so much in her short life and would be able to achieve so much more in the future."

During the solemn similarity was also turned up the site so visitors could hear something of the actor's favorite music. Among other things, could be heard "Seven Nation Army" by White Stripes, a couple of songs by Bob Dylan and The Beatles and finally Ben Harper's "Happily Ever After", as Harper has written for Ledger and Michelle Williams' two-year-old daughter, Matilda.

After this ceremony followed ten members of the immediate family Heath Ledger to Fremantle Cementary where you met a real funeral, and how Heath Ledger's remains were cremated.

The rest of it went to Indiana's Restaurant, located at Heath Ledger's favorite beach, and when the sun was going down, around 50 guests in the water to celebrate Heath Ledger in the item he was so crazy.

People threw their best clothes and jumped into the water in their underwear. Michelle Williams finally agreed also to dip their feet. However, she ended up with that swim around among friends in his dress:
Friends paid tribute to Heath with beach party"After a while came Michelle also down to the water and swam around in her dress. Watchmen stood ready on the beach with a towel. Then came Kate Ledger into the water and received a huge ovation when she jumped in with all his clothes on. 

Ledger's parents so the whole emotional ceremony from the restaurant's balcony and could finally see the guests give Heath Ledger the perfect tribute. A source told Us magazine:
"All those who were in the water began to splash around and beat his hands in the water surface, shouting" Heath, Heath. "It seemed like a huge relief that the tragedy had now put behind them."