Full name: Heath Andrew Ledger.
Nickname: Heathy.
Born: 4 April 1979.
Height: 185 cm.
Natural hair color: Light brown.
Eye color: Brown.
Parents: Kim Ledger & Sally Bell.
Siblings: Kate, Ashleigh Bell (half sister) & Olivia Ledger (half sister).
Birthplace: Perth, Western Australia.
Home: Brooklyn, New York, L.A, Sydney
Training: Guildford Grammar School
Secret Passion: Photographing
Favorite hobbies: Art, reading, writing, surfing, skateboarding.
Piercings: One in each ear.
Smoking: Yes.
Children: With ex girlfriend Michelle Williams: Matilda Rose Ledger - born on Friday, October 28 2005
Animals : 1 York Shire Terrier: Bob (as in Dylan) & 1 Cocker Spaniel: Ned (as in Kelly).

Fun Facts:
  • Jake Gyllenhaal is godfather to Heath's daughter. 
  • He's been dating Naomi Watts. 
  • He has the same birthday as Hugo Weaving. 
  • Heath was originally given a role in "Alexander, " but Colin Farrell went onto take it over. 
  • He was under consideration to play Kar in "Bulletproof Monk" but refused it.The role later went to Seann William Scott. 
  • His secret passion is photography, and his hobbies are art, reading andwriting. 
  • He has a Yorkshire Terrier named Bob (named after Bob Dylan) and aCocker Spaniel named Ned (named after Ned Kelly). 
  • Heath is half Irish and half Scottish. 
  • Before Heath was an actor, he had a job at a carwash. 
  • Heath and his sister are named after two characters in Emily Bronte novel "Wuthering Heights". 
  • Heath went out with her ​​co-star Lisa Zane during the filming of "Roar".
  • Voted one of the 50 most beautiful stars by People Magazine in 2001.
  • Heath got $ 50,000 for "Ned Kelly", $ 100,000 for "10 Things I Hate AboutYou, " $ 2,000,000 for "The Four Feathers" and $ 3,000,000 for "A Knight's Tale. "
  • Heath was injured during the filming of "The Patriot". His little fingers werecut up by the glow of a musketerriffel and he had sewn. 
  • Heath and his best friend, Trevor, have been friends since they were 3 years old. 
  • When Heath is not at home in his large villa in Los Feliz, California living his friends to the house should look lived out. 
  • Went to audition for the role of Max in the TV series "Roswell", but whenthe series is made of FOX and because Heath had already been in "Roar", which was not a success, would they do not have him.